At FKL, we are environmentally conscious; ensuring that our operations at the farm level and processing unit are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Through our coordinated Environmental Management System, which is aligned with internationally recognized ISO 14001 standards, we at the processing unit, continuously identify and implement practices to: effectively manage our waste, preserve natural resources including water conservation as well as effectively consume energy.

Similarly, at the farm level, we promote good ‘green’ agricultural practices that encourage the prudent use and preservation of natural resources; hence positively impacting the environment whilst increasing the farmers yield. Practices range from: soil conservation, effective irrigation practices, crop management, integrated pest management, as well as safe use of internationally and locally approved fertilizers and pesticide.

In 2012, our award winning agro-forestry programme was recognised in the Total Eco Challenge as having ‘achieved sustained and exceptional results throughout the decade’. We were amongst only 13 organisations/ companies within the region to be recognized as ‘Champions of Champions’.