To enhance our social impact, we move beyond compliance to local and international regulations. To supplement our effective occupational health and safety programme at the workplace, we implement a comprehensive wellness programme comprising of information dissemination by our trained peer educators and service delivery through partnership with health based organisations.

The wellness programme complements the services provided at the sick bay available to all employees.

We, also, provide a crèche facility onsite for employees’ young children; a unique service for Kenya and the region. The crèche provides a safe, healthy and caring environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the children. It, also, allows mothers to regularly breastfeed their children throughout the day.

Philanthropic initiatives are supported on a need basis. We strive to identiy partnerships with organizations to create share value through synergies on medium to long term projects, with the aim of enhancing the quality of lives of the communities in which we operate.