Success stories


“I am a young married man with three kids. Frigoken has seen me through reaps and bounds. Being poor and with no money for education, Frigoken raised my standards when I finally became a full-time French beans farmer in 1996 after acquiring a piece of land from my parents.

It is from selling beans to FKL that I managed to: afford a medical cover, food and meet daily expenses for my family; put myself through a missionary course alongside farming; build and furnish a semi – permanent shelter; buy a small bull, which I sold at maturity and used the profit start up a shop business.

“Riu ndi mwanake mutie na kionereria Kiega itura-ini ati urimi wa miciri ni uhotithitie gwiteithia” (I am now a respected young man in our village and a good example that French beans can help one have self-development).”

John Kariuki

About_CSR_successAgro-forestry Programme

In 2002, Mzee Obed started a tree nursery with a mere 500 root stalks of flowers and tree seedlings. Upon receiving training, inputs, technical advice and support from FKL’s Agro-forestry programme in 2009, Mzee Obed is now a successful tree nursery entrepreneur with over 75,000 tree seedlings to sell. Employing 5 people in his nursery, Mzee Obed is a local tree seedling marketer in schools, government institutions and city dwellers looking for tree seedlings.

From the jump start that FKL’s Agro-forestry programme provided, Mzee Obed has been able to pay school fees for his children, start up a boda boda (motorcycle) business, purchase a water storage tank (worth 17,000), establish a fish pond and build a house for his family. Additionally, Mzee Obed continues to expand independent of FKL’s support. He aspires to establish his tree nurseries in other areas, train tree farmers about nursery establishment and continues to collaborate with other organizations to conserve the environment through tree growing.



“My child, Wendy Auma, joined the FKL crèche when she was only 7 months of age. Since then, I have cast my eyes and watched her grow with positive feelings of love, prudence and above all, happiness – which should be a result of our daily existence.

I, therefore, concur with no fear of contradiction that the assistance offered to my daughter for the two and half years at the crèche, is not negligible. I commend the tutors and the whole organization (FKL) for a job well executed and encourage them to continue with such spirit, for fragrance clings to the hand that gives the rose. Am certain that Wendy will gravitate towards very positive attribute and moral values of life for she has a decent foundation free from visual atrocities that would distract her well being. Once again, I am very grateful to FKL.”

Salome Malika (Mother of Wendy)