The Outrgrowers


We work predominately with a network of more than 70,000 registered small scale farmers spread all over Kenya. The farmers cultivate land for FKL produce on approximately 1/16th of an acre (180m2) of their typical plot of 1 – 2 acres. This allows the farmers to utilize the rest of the land to grow cash or subsistence crops, as well as allow for crop rotation.

We provide all farmers with a guaranteed market and a fair market price for supply of produce all year round. High quality inputs are also provided and recovered on an interest free basis at the end of the growing season, underwriting the losses of the inputs associated with natural calamities.

The small scale farmers further benefit from our pre-scheduled plantings enabling them to plan their finances and use of land accordingly.

A contractual relationship between an individual farmer and the company is established allowing for transparency of all transactions undertaken, ensuring that matching records are kept by both parties.