Alice Njoki's story

My Farm, My life.

“I love farming. If I don’t farm, I think I would get sick”

One look at the 70-year-old widow who is a mother of five and a grandmother of ten could have you thinking that Alice Njoki is probably in her fifties. She resides in Kagono village in Murang’ a County. 

With close to 55 years of farming experience, Alice attributes approximately 30 years of her success to Frigoken. Since she joined Frigoken in 1990 she has learnt a lot about farming from Frigoken. Alice farms about 2-4 units which is equivalent to about 720m2 and harvests on average about 100-300kgs of french beans per unit.

She receives an income for every harvest of the French beans she grows for Frigoken and with this income, Alice says she has taken care of the needs of her family since she is the breadwinner. She has educated her children and some of her grandchildren following the demise of her daughter.

“As Frigoken farmers, we are taught on good farming practices which are important if one is to have good yields”

Frigoken has trained extension officers in areas it has contracted farmers. The farmers are trained on good agricultural practices that enable the farmers achieve bountiful harvests. The farmers are also provided with fertiliser and seeds and to ensure the safety of their crops from pests and diseases FKL sprays their crops. These practices are replicated to other crops that the farmers grow.

As an incentive, Frigoken farmers are also provided with tree seedlings to grow on their farms to reduce soil erosion and improve on the quality of soil.

Alice recognises the hard work and dedication that farming requires and desires to see more young people venture into farming. She often takes time to talk to young people on some of the benefits of farming.

She is happy to be part of Frigoken’s 30th anniversary. 

“Long live Frigoken”