Sustainable farming amid the COVID pandemic

During this unprecedented time, where global supply chains have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Frigoken has persevered to maintain its engagement with thousands of small-scale rural farmers.

Adhering to Government containment and precautionary measures, Frigoken has worked hard to maintain timely availability of farming inputs, uninterrupted extension support and prompt transportation of produce from the farms to the factory; ensuring minimal disruption to markets. Throughout its 30 years of existence, even in this time of uncertainty, Frigoken has maintained its promise to farmers of a guaranteed market for their produce, translating to a much-needed source of household income.

Frigoken’s extension team, which usually, promotes good agricultural practices among farmers, has been trained to assist in creating awareness about COVID-19 and appropriate precautionary measures. Apart from good respiratory and hygiene practices, the team has also been encouraging farmers to grow a diverse range of crops to sustain a healthy diet, as good nutrition is critical before during and even after an infection.

Furthermore, all collection centers have a hand washing station accessible to anyone in the local community, and key messaging is reinforced with posters and leaflets. In spite of all the challenges faced in farming during this ‘new normal’ Frigoken continues to promote sustainable farming practices; ensuring that farmers can continue to produce beyond this pandemic, for generations to come.

Frigoken recently partnered with Amiran and Elgon Kenya to train farmers on efficient water management practices and technologies, including the use of drip irrigation. Frigoken has set up multiple demo plots across its growing areas to support these trainings and has facilitated access to these technologies through its partners.

Frigoken has also partnered with NGOs, like SNV, to revamp community irrigation projects enabling over 500 households to access water – a natural resource that is the very basis of precautionary measures in the fight against the virus.

“Right now we have more than enough water to irrigate our farms and we have enough for our domestic use too”, Dan Mugane, Farmer, Kirinyaga County

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